Wedding lighting and chandelier Rental

At Showlight , we understand that Chandeliers are the ultimate ceiling centerpiece for creating a focal point at weddings and events
and so the need for ambient lighting becomes essential in order to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding or corporate event.
Located in Spain, we are a high-end provider of the most elite pieces of chandelier art to the event industry.

This allows us to bring you the most beautiful chandeliers that are designed specifically to handle events.
We specifically pick products that allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings, corporate banquets, bridal booths and more!

No matter what your event may be, we are here to make an impression for you.
Although we mainly operate in Spain , Mallorca ,Ibiza and Menorca, our operations have also taken us to other European countries
such as Portugal, France, Italy, Germany the UK and others.
We install in marquees and provide elegant outdoor solutions to hang the chandeliers which consist of special outdoor structures such as big chandelier trees, towers and stands.
Showlight bring you the best in wedding lighting and also provide unmatched services in providing you with designs and lighting decorations for your destination weddings.

You can rent our chandeliers as decoration for French weddings, Italian weddings etc.

Our luxurious crystal chandeliers are rented by wedding planners and production companies from all around Spain and the rest of Europe.
Chandeliers fit almost any style and our crystal candelabras fit perfectly into an ultra-luxury theme as well as a black, white, gold theme.

Take a look some examples of our work below:

We are the industry leader in chandelier hires for weddings and we possess an impressive ability to take your chandelier lighting ideas
and turn them into beautiful reality by helping you design every detail while aiming to create the perfect lighting atmosphere unique to your event or wedding.
We are fully dedicated to providing a wide range of quality chandeliers for your events.

We may not have something for everyone, but we definitely do have something for you.

We have a very high standard of practice which we never compromise on so you won’t find tacky,
cheap or unattractive chandeliers in our inventory, only the best make it here!

Showlight also possess Europe’s biggest stock of high-quality chandeliers.

We have hired out chandeliers for a variety of events such as weddings, corporate functions, film sets,
theatrical stage plays and private parties in Europe and other parts of the world.
Our transport department is highly organised to facilitate the delivery and return of any number of chandeliers and other illumination products.

Additionally, we have a multilingual staff capable of delivering lighting perfection abroad coupled with a highly organised and efficient transport department.

Thus, we have the ability to deliver our services abroad without a hassle.

Showlight pride ourselves on flexibility and also achieve the best results through the use of skilled and well tried logistical support.

We look forward to being your partner in making your event a success.

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